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Slow websites lose their 57% of visitors’ without even having a glimpse of the landing page.

When someone searches for your company online, you want them to see that you’re a legitimate company. With so many scams on the internet, a poorly designed website might make you look untrustworthy or like you’re operating a con.

You’ll eventually lose credibility, as well as sales, if you don’t invest time, money, and effort into maintaining your website.

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What do Our Website Maintenance Services Include?

Regular Updates

Our team of engineers keeps your website functioning and secure for users by performing regular updates during business hours. Our website maintenance packages can help you add new images, erase page copy, or change a link, among other things.

WordPress Maintenance

Many businesses use WordPress as their content management system, which is why WordPress assistance is included in our website maintenance packages. Our team manages WordPress upgrades and security patches for your firm as part of your service.


Overall Site Improvements

The best assessment of your website’s performance comes from those who view it, from customers to employees to leads. Site users’ questions, comments, concerns, and recommendations provide vital feedback for improving your site.

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What Is Website Maintenance?

The tasks required to keep your website working effectively and up to date are referred to as website maintenance. It entails checking your website for problems on a regular basis, repairing any problems, and making updates.

Why Is Website Maintenance So Important In Today’s Day And Age?

Around 80% of customers begin their search for a product or service on the internet.

Which makes your website a crucial stage in their purchasing process.

That’s why regular site maintenance, as well as a grasp of website maintenance costs, are critical.

Your website is also the first thing that a potential user view and sets an opinion.

Customers will typically click away if your website isn’t working properly or appears to be obsolete. It will give your company a bad first impression. Customers may believe that your business is unprofessional if your website appears unprofessional.

Website Maintenance Cost

Website maintenance expenditures are typically unanticipated, but they are necessary to ensure that your website operates consistently and efficiently. If you put off website maintenance to save money, you may not realize you’ve been losing key traffic and sales until it’s too late. Worse, you may be forced to pay for expensive emergency repairs. Website upkeep is always less expensive than website repair in the long term.

A well-maintained website will load quicker, rank higher, generate more sales, run more consistently, and save you money on storage and hosting.

The cost of your website maintenance will be determined by three main factors: hosting, tooling, and personnel.

So, it all totally depends on what you need and your requirements.

What Do Website Maintenance Packages Include?

Annually test your entire website at least once a year, and after any upgrades, test your entire website.

Check that all features work, that no links are broken, and that no information is obsolete or wrong. Bring in someone who isn’t affiliated with your firm to evaluate the usability of your website.

It also tests your browser compatibility, checks if there are any software updates to be done monthly. It also includes reviewing key metrics and If something goes wrong with your website, backing it up can help you avoid losing a lot of effort and money.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all you can do in terms of maintenance.

You can either build a more comprehensive website maintenance plan or work with Themrsoft to achieve your objectives.

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Maintaining your website improves your company’s reputation, keeps it secure, and helps you generate more leads and revenue.

Google wats to rank only those websites that are up to date and have the most relevant information. Themrsoft can help you do just that.

Get in touch with us today or book an online consultation today to get a much better idea about our website maintenance cost and packages.

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    Asked Questions

    What is Website Maintenance?

    Updates, performance, security, repairs, marketing, and migration are all included in our Website Maintenance package.

    Why do I need to maintain my website on a regular basis?

    Regularly updating your website with new information (text, photographs, PDFs, and videos, for example) will not only increase visitor loyalty but also give a positive visitor experience.

    Can I make website modifications by myself?

    This is dependent on the nature of your website. If your website doesn’t allow it, we can talk about options for turning it to a CMS (Content Management System).

    What does website maintenance include?

    The maintenance of your website refers to the tasks that are necessary to maintain your website up to date. It entails checking your website for problems on a regular basis, repairing any problems, and making updates.

    Do websites actually need maintenance?

    It is vital that your site be regularly updated and maintained to ensure it operates at its greatest capability. Like cars, webpages require periodic upkeep. Proper maintenance of your site helps guarantee safety at the site, increase the number of visitors, increase traffic return, and much more.

    What happens if I don’t maintain my website?

    If you do not maintain the site on an ongoing basis, your site will start running slowly, cease converting leads or sales, maybe be malware home, or even stop working altogether.

    Do you handle WordPress development and customization?

    Yes. Because we know WordPress so well, we’re terrific at developing and maintaining it. We specialise in WordPress theme customization. You can learn more about our services by clicking here.

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