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The process of checking to verify if your website is healthy and working well is known as website maintenance. It’s all about staying on top of security updates, adding new material, encouraging traffic development, and ensuring sure your website visitors are satisfied.        

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Email Marketing is 45x more effective to Acquire New Customers

Yes, Even its more competitive then Facebook and Twitter. It offers high ROI and increases your conversion rate better than social media platforms. Your email template should be eye catchy and impactful and we know how to do it!

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Our standard process is a bit lengthy but we make sure you get the meaningful design. Our experienced team not only thinks out-of-the-box but also resides on the track of uniqueness, modernization, and perfection. Have a glimpse of our previous remarkable work.

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Email Marketing Services


Email marketing gives you an easy way to talk with your customers without any hassle. (past, present and future)


It gives you total control over automation and personalization towards your message. Express your message the way you want!


Easy to record, Pull out and Reply. The study says, 70% of people open emails more than one time.


Email-Friendly HTML

We know what works best as per email content. Our expert will implement the design and make sure it’s look pretty on mobile version.


Mobile Responsive

Your email template will be 100% adjustable and responsive to mobile preview. We do this too!

Email Software Integration

We can integrated your HTML template with your email marketing software such as Mailchimp.

Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing is still a great choice for businesses to reach out their potential customers. It’s not only for sending offers rather to share exciting news about your organization & products. Our email marketing services help you to get right design and here is why you need it?
  • Almost 9 billion people use email applications
  • 91% of consumers check their email on a daily basis
  • 86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with
  • 86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with
  • One out of three consumers have purchased products and services from emails that means more conversions.
  • For every $1 spent in email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.
  • The “truth” is your customers check their emails daily. They want to receive emails from brands they do business with. But, they only want it if you are emailing valuable content. Our email marketing agency will help you create emails your audience will love.

Five benefits of using HTML over plain text for email marketing

The discussion of plain text over HTML or HTML over plain text is not new. The experts always prefer to go for HTML coding for email marketing. The reasons are pretty obvious, HTML emails are highly interactive, and the recipient does not have to struggle to download the image. Also, these emails are well designed and speak for themselves.
Email marketing is counted among the most effective communication sources to build strong customer relations and deliver brands’ messages. A little attention and investment can make the game of your business by bringing traffic to your website.

In contrast to HTML email, plain text email is just text arranged in big and small font sizes, No whistles, no bells. you cannot expect any kind of graphics, stylish footers or header or videos here — just plain text. The margin of designing is very limited. Marketers use JPG or PNG format of images usually which takes time to load and the recipient has to download the images first.

Do you think most of the people would bother to this extent just to see your brand’s message?

80% chances are the recipient is not going to see the images and the company will lose the chance of getting new business. According to data collected from USA users, almost 56% of marketing emails are opened on mobile phones. A well-structured, beautifully designed, fast and easy email can play a great role in convincing consumers to buy from your company.

Here are 5 benefits of using HTML over plain text for your email marketing. HTML Email Gives You an Edge and It Sounds More Professional HTML emails are typically for professional purposes and sent from other companies or organizations. They consist of images, stylish footer or header, infographics, colors, formatting, etc. Everything that pops in the mind of customers like the logo, colors, videos, and images, call to action button and much more is only possible in an HTML email.

HTML creates a visual impact that is 42% more memorable and convincing as compared to plain text. Email templates available on different websites and customized email templates make it easy for the sender to create an impactful and indulging email in no time. Templates allow you to add business color, style and logo to your emails. It helps to reinforce your brand and distinguish your brand from others.

With images and small videos, you can show your products, help customers better understand your product and help you to convey all qualities of your products without making the email so long, so boring. The additional feature of adding a call to action button can directly take your customers to the exact required page of your website.

Tracking Capabilities

Plain text emails cannot be tracked easily. You are totally in the dark whether your email was read or not, and how well it performed. On the other hand HTML, emails can not only be tracked, but you can also maintain records of email performance. Results help you in the long run. Your company can use the data to understand consumers’ likes and dislikes. You can also design an effective strategy for marketing and production through the data from email campaigns.

Using an email facility to send HTML emails provides you admittance to various email tracking tools and reports. Through these tools, you can measure and calculate your audience engagement and figure out what kind of information resonates best.

Higher Reader Engagement

78% of email receivers are not interested in reading a lot of text. Why would they waste their time reading about your business? Readers scan the email quickly and pay a few seconds only. They pay attention to an email only when something of their interest pops out.

Plain text emails are pretty boring and contain a lot of text. Most readers don’t bother to read the text and only go through the highlighted areas within a few seconds. This means they haven’t read about your product at all, so there are fewer chances they will buy from you.

Juxtapose, HTML emails have less text. All the text is presented artistically to make the reader roll his eyes on everything. As we all know visuals proceed much faster than text so during a quick scan, readers get 90% of important information as the email have images and call to action buttons. Hence the purpose of the email is well served.

HTML Emails Templates Makes Everything Easy

Templates make your work easy and organized. You can select from hundreds of professionally-designed email templates for your marketing campaign. You can find free and paid both types of templates and can customize these templates to suit your business. Here are some benefits of templates.

  • Very clean and organized
  • Easy to read
  • No need to download images
  • Fast loading
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Increased open rate
  • Anchor texts generation is easy
  • Increase click rate
  • Enhanced branding opportunities
  • Easy to handle and manage the different parts of the email
  • Track campaign’s result
  • Helpful to increase traffic & leads
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5 Great advantages of HTML email templates

An email template is an HTML file that is used in order to launch email campaigns. It is the most significant kind of email template created simply like a website including different components, such as graphics, table columns, links, etc.

A good-formatted HTML email template produces more beneficial results as compared to a plain text format. It will allow you to copy and paste content quickly into the file. It performs well on desktop, mobile and over various email service providers. You can apply the same template repeatedly for many campaigns with different content and images.

Many online companies are making most of HTML emails to stay in contact with their clients all around the world. This is because HTML emails give lots of advantages to the business owners. Below are some great advantages to HTML email templates in your business.

Visually Attractive:

Powerful HTML emails are very attractive and can easily come to the notice of anyone at first glance. There are multiple important factors such as design and format, pictures and content, composition and finesse, that designers think while creating the templates. That is the idea of why email marketers are keen to practice HTML emails rather than others. Save Your Time:

According to the analysis, 63% of marketers consume at least two hours on every campaign for making content and designing. But for complicated campaigning that needs to test and get permission from many sources, it can consume even more time. Email templates allow you to fill your content into an existing template. It saves your time for creating new templates in every new campaign. That suggests you get to utilize more time on producing quality content and least time on tiresome design work.

Give Personalized Experiences:

According to another survey, 94% of companies state that personalization is important to their progress. With your design template, all you have to do is fill your content accordingly. You can include essential personalization like the name of your subscriber, or you can make it more attractive by adding location, weather and action-based personalization.

Make Design Responsive:

With HTML, it can conveniently create a highly responsive HTML email template design. It can be hassle-free when you keep in mind some important factors, such as separating elements, analyzing for email clients, and many more.

Good Analytics:

HTML emails allow you to get a clear picture of users and track the relevant information hassle-free. It assists companies in planning their email marketing campaigns accordingly. Leveraging email tracking tools and reports allows you to analyze the user’s commitment and also which element or content of your email does the best. Tracking analytics is not achievable with other emails as you require an embedded HTML part to do it.

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Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

That depends which package you have selected because there is different delivery date for each option. Our standard design delivery time is 24 hours however we only start work for HTML newsletter once our client approved the design concept.

Do you offer revisions?

There is no limit for revisions. We accept small changes. If you want to add something which was not a part of design concept then it will be charged separately.

What types of design files do you accept?

We accept layered PSD or AI files.

Can you make my email template retina-friendly?

Yes. When you are placing order. Just place a NOTE so we can follow your requirements.

Do you code email templates using inline CSS?

Absolutely YES! We do code inline CSS with email templates. Feel free to place your order.

Can you add forms to my email? What about JavaScript?

No. Forms and JavaScript are not supported by most email clients.

Yes! Provide us details and we will do it for you.

Do you provide PSD with slices after project completion?

Yes, We do provide Layered PSD. However, We appreciate if you can place a note when ordering.

I have an email template coded, but there are some issues. Can you fix it?

Yes, If there is possibility to fix your code issues. We will do it. But if not, We will code it from scratch.

How can I contact you?

You can always get in touch through our LIVE CHAT SUPPORT or via email : info@themrsoft.com , However for fast response. We assign a dedicated project manager to monitor and keep track of performance. So, You will also be connected with us through Whatsapp Business.

Do you offer aftersale support?

YES, We will provide you support whenever you need it. Just contact us and leave your questions.

Can you use flatten design file JPG for the conversion?

Yes. But as it needs to be convert on PSD first so it will charge you additional.

Do you code responsive email templates?

Sure, We are expert in coding responsive email and newsletter templates.

How are the complete templates sent to customers?

We’ll send you the archive which includes all the source files (html and images) as well as the link for your Litmus.com test

Can I embed custom fonts for my email using Cufon/@font-face?

Unfortunately NO!

Can you add rollovers/hovers?

Its not possible in Email Template because we use CSS inline in coding.

Which template tags will you include when you integrate my template with MailChimp / Campaign Monitor?

Yes, We will include all necessary tags to your email on MailChimp.

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